nglosech, n.section of thatched roof of bai.
nglosech a blingelel a chado er a blai me a bai; rurrot a omechar a nglosech er a bai.
ngelsecheln.poss.3sngelsechel a nglosech er ngii; blingelel el nglosech.
bedebadeln.bedebadel a nglosech er a blai.
melai nglosechexpr.section of thatching between ends and center of roof.
nglosech er a bedebadelexpr.subdivisions of melai nglosech.
nglosech er a chelidexpr.section of thatching at center of rood.
nglosech er a olikchelidexpr.subdivisions of melai nglosech.
nglosech er a umadexpr.section of thatching at both ends of roof.

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