ngodech, v.s.different; strange.
ngodech a diak el osisiu; lius a ngodech er a buuch; mla mo ngodech rengul; ngodechii, ngmodech a llach; ngedechang, ngedechel
ngedechangv.s.inch.has begun to change.
ngedechang a mla mengodech; diak losisiu; mla mengodech a llach.
ngodech er a rengulexpr.find something strange, different or suspicious.
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> There's a strange smell (here).
> I find Droteo's actions suspicious or strange.
> Is there any other areas that you think to be protected?
More Examples:
> It's strange to be married.
> It is weird being married. You're not on your own anymore. It's like something is attached to you all the time.

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