kuteling, n.bow of boat; either end of canoe.
kuteling a uchei, bedul, kuteling er a mlai me a bilas; kutelngal.
kutelngaln.poss.3skutelngal a kuteling er ngii.
oba a kutelingexpr.pole boat at bow.
ngasechereng, n.anger.
ngasechereng a klsib el reng; kesib a rengul; olengasech a rengul.
oba a ngasechereng expr.have or hold anger.
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, v.pf.3scarry; hold; take.
obang a beldoel er ngii; oba oles.
omerael, n.travelling; trip; journey; process; group of travellers; parade; procession.
omerael a merael; omerael el mo er a buil, omerollel el mo er a Merikel.
sumes, n.length of pointed bamboo to be stuck into food (for removal from pot, fire, etc.); stick; baton.
sumes a klekedall el merumes; delasech el raod el merumes; orumes er a kall; smesel.
uriul, n.area or space (generally) in back of or behind; after; later; following.

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