omals, v.t.get (someone) into debt; incur debt; buy on credit/account; punish; impose fine on.
omals a rullii el meluked a belsel a tellemellel, melsii a merechorech; belsel a olterebek. a omals er ngii; melai a klalo e mo mengkad er a uriur.
belsallv.a.s.belsall a kirel el obals, melsii, omals er a merechorech, omkecharem er ngii el kirel a telemellel, belsel, msa belsel. debt; punished.
blals a ngar ngii a belsel; blals er a bangk.
See also:
> Good people are glad, when they see the wicked punished.
> The teacher paid the fine.

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