omdechem, v.t.catch; capture.
omdechem a otoir el oreked; mdechem, mdechemii a merchorech el diall, udechemel. a omdechem er ngii; orkedii. a omdechem a charm; oreked, mdechemii, udechemel.
mudechemv.erg.mudechem a uldechem; mla moreked; mdechemii a merechorech, udechemel.
omdedechemv.t.redup.omdedechem a omdechem. to be caught or captured.
udechemall a kirel el mudechem; kirel el motoir el moreked; mdechemii a malk; mdechem a babii, udechemel.
uldechemv.r.s.caught; captured.
uldechem a mla mudechem; mdechemii, orekedii, chemiis e tir a mdechemii;volterau a mariuana a uldechem; udechemel.
uldechemechemv.r.s.redup.uldechemechem a uldechem; uldechomel.
> Who caught the turtle that you saw the boys who are polishing its shell?
More Examples:
> Oh shucks, I just was beaten since I was caught.

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