omdois, v.t.increase (something) in number/quantity; add to.
omdois a mdois; locha dechelel, mdisii, mekbetok a udoud el kirel a skuul, udisel a udoud. a omdois; dochel el mo betok; remuul mo er a bab; a taksi a mla mdois a oleng.
/odisall to be increased or added to.
odisall a kirel el moduis; olduis, oduis, odisii el mo cheroid; odisel.
obdoisv.erg.increase; get increased.
uldoisv.r.s.increased; added to.
uldois a mla mudois; mla morngii a dechelel; remechitechut a obdois a blingelir er a kall; udisel a kelir.
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