omechakl, v.t.(make) float; let drift.
omechakl a ombibchakl; blechakl, lius a omechakl er a daob, mecheklii, becheklel. a omechakl er ngii; omerius er ngii. a omechakl; a rengalek a mechakl a mlirir, mecheklii, merusii, becheklel.
bechaklv.s.unable to submerge into water (because too fat, etc.).
bechakl a diak el resors el mo er chelsel a daob, lius a bechakl, ng omechakl, becheklel. to be made to float/let to drift.
bechekill a kirel el obechakl, ngera a kired el omechakl? becheklel.
blechaklv.r.s.made to float; let to drift.
blechakl a mla obechakl, ombibechakl, diak lebo er eou, becheklel.
obebechaklv.erg.redup.obebechakl a di beot el obechakl; oberius er a berius.
obechaklv.erg.go adrift.
obechakl a mengai er a dolech me a berius, me a eolt; mlai a mla obechakl.
obecheklangv.erg.inch.obecheklang a mla obechakl; nglai er a berius.
obecheklungv.erg.pred.obecheklung a kmeed el obechakl.
ombibechaklv.erg.redup.floating; drifting.
ombibechakl a blechakl; diak el uresors; mlai a omechakl, lius a ombibechakl er a daob.
omechaklv.i.float; drift.
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> Hey. That knot's no good. The boat will float away.

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