omedikl, v.t.trap; ensnare; raise (pole or mast).
omedikl a mikelii el mo er a bab; medeklii a kiuel, medikl a orrakl, bedeklel. a omedikl er ngii el malk. a omedikl; medeklii, mla medikl a kldei el malk, bedeklel. to be trapped or ensnared.
bedkall a kirel el obedikl; medeklii a malk, medikl a beab, bedeklel.
bldiklv.r.s.trapped; ensnared.
bldikl a mla obedikl, malk a bldikl, medeklii, bedeklel.
obediklv.erg.obedikl a beldikl; mla mad er a bedikl, medeklii a malk, medikl a beab; bedeklel.
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> I'm going to trap chickens

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