omechar, v.caus.fill (container) with liquid.
omechar a locha er a chelsel; smuk a ralm; mechar a ollumel er a ralm, ocherul a olmelel. a omechar er ngii; locha ralm er ngii; mecherur a ollumel er a ralm, ocherul. a omekeek; mesuk, mechar ollumel er a ralm, mecherur a butiliang, ocherul.
mocharv.erg.mochar a ulechar; mla mochar a ollumel er a ralm; mla mekeek a ollumel er a ilumel; ocherul a ollumel. to be filled with liquid.
ocheruul a kirel el mokeek, ralm a ocheruul er a butiliang; mesuk er a chelsel; mecherur a ollumel; ocherul.
ulecharv.r.s.filled with liquid.
ulechar a mla mochar; ulekeek; ollumel a ulechar er a ralm; mecherur a butiliang.
See also:
> He went to the store to buy something.
> Go to the store and buy us food.
> Buying the heart.
This is the strategy of anticipating the desires and wishes of others. It involves generosity in favors, gift giving, and praise. The art of anticipating the desired response by the question asked is polished. The use of humor to cajole those led is approved. When confronting a group, whether in dance or speech, a smile or pleasant, friendly expression is assumed.
More Examples:
> I'm going to the store to buy rice and canned meat.
> I'm going to buy pants and a shirt and shoes.
> I need to buy my son's supplies for school.
> I need to buy new clothes because my clothes are already small.
> What are you going to buy?

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