oker, v.t.ask; inquire.
oker a ker; omding, ng tela rekim? ng techang ngklem? ke mo er ker?
korirv.pf.3skorir a oker er ngii; korir a ngklel.
kmerv.pf.3p.inan.kmer a oker, oker a betok el tekoi; mla kmer a tekoi, keril.
v.recip.ask each other.
kakerkerv.recip.redup.ask each other.
kakerker a didu el oker; omding; ngera chised er tia el seked? te kakereker el mo e mei, keril a tekoi.
v.a.s.is to be asked or inquired.
keriil a kirel el meker; korir er a udoud, kmer a tekoi, merreder a keriil a tekoi er ngii, keril.
klerv.r.s.asked; inquired.
kler a mla meker; mla korir, mla kmer a tekoi, keril a secher.
okereiv.t.inch.begin to ask.
v.redup.okereker a blechoel el oker; sekereker, okereker a cheldecheduch, korir, kmer, keril.
v.s.(person) prone to asking lots of questions; inquisitive.
sekereker a meses el oker; sekereker a soal el mo medengei a betok.
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