oleached, v.t.rush (against time, tide, deadline, etc.).
oleached a orreched; oeached el melekoi, oleached er a dolech, oechedii, oechedel.
oechediiv.pf.3soechedii a oleached er ngii; orreched er ngii.
oeachedv.pf.3p.inan.oeached a oleached, okiuechei el meruul, melekoi; oechedii, orreched; oechedel a dolech.
moeachedv.erg.moeached a uleached; orreched el meruul; chad a mla okiuechei el ngmai; oleached el souchii a buuch; oechedel
oechedallv.a.s.is to be rushed against.
oechedall a kirel el moeached; omech; orreched; orechudel; oechedii, oechedall a dolech, oechedel.
uleachedv.r.s.uleached a mla moeached; okiu a uchei er ngii; ulerreched el melai; mlengaidesachel; oleached er a dolech, oechedii; oechedel a dolech.
uliachedv.r.s.rushed against.
oleached er a chullexpr.rush to do something before it begins to rain.
oleached er a dolechexpr.beat the low tide; reach one's destination just before low tide.
oleached er a silsexpr.beat the heat; do something while sun is still out.
oleached er a taemexpr.beat deadline.
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