olecholt, v.t.show; reveal; make (oneself) appear; show or present (oneself).
olecholt a oleisech; diak lomart; ochotii, ocholt a klemerang; ochotel.
ochotiiv.pf.3sochotii a olecholt er ngii.
ocholtv.pf.3p.inan.ocholt a olecholt; oliisech; ochotii a berrotel; ochotel.
ulecholtv.pf.3p.inan.pastulecholt a mla mocholt; chemolt; ules el diak le berrotel; duch er ngii er a urreor a ulecholt.
kaiuecholtv.recip.show something to each other; confess to each other; exchange (secrets) with each other.
kaiuecholt a kaiueiisech; didu el olecholt a ngar er ngii er tir, ochotii, ocholt a ududel, ochotel.
ochotallv.a.s.is to be shown or revealed.
ochotall a kirel el mocholt; oterul a mekngit el kar a ochotall er a bulis; ochotii.
ulcholtv.r.s.shown; revealed.
olecholt a kotelexpr.prove one's lineage.
olecholt er a raelexpr.show (someone) the (right) way; advise; direct.
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> Droteo is known to be a kind person.

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