olengesechekl, v.t.pull up (pants; etc.); move (oneself) up to a particular; praise; elevate.
olengesechekl a olengeriakl
ongesechekliiv.pf.3songesecheklii a olengesechekl er ngii.
ongesecheklv.pf.3p.inan.ongesechekl a olengesechekl; remuul el mo er a bab e mo betok; ongesechekl a ududir.
mongesecheklv.erg.mongesechekl a ulengesechekl; olengesechekl a mo er a bab; ongesecheklii; ongesechekl a ududel; ongesecheklel.
ongesechekillv.a.s.(pants, etc.) are to be pulled up; is to be moved up to particular position; is to be praised or elevated.
ongesechekill a kirel el mongesechekl; rredemelel a mo er a bab; ongesecheklii, ongesecheklel.
ulengesecheklv.r.s.(pants, etc.) pulled up; moved up to particular position; praised; elevated.
ulengesechekl a ulengeriakl.

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