oltaut, v.t.aim (spear; gun; etc.) at; enforce (law); light (fire); start (particular job); hook (one vehicle to another; etc.); stick to/stay with apply (skill); put (skill) to use; support.
oltaut a omuchel; otutii a urreor; otaut a ngau, otutel.
otutiiv.pf.3sotutii a oltaut er ngii, otutii a ngau.
otautv.pf.3p.inan.otaut a oltaut; remuul a meldung; mla otaut a rokui el meldung, otutii a ngau, otutel a llach.
motautv.erg.motaut a ultaut; mla tmaut a ngau; otutii, otaut a idungel, otutel; motaut a ultaut; mla meuchel; mechelii, otutii a urreor; otaut; otutel a urreor.
otutallv.a.s.(spear, gun, etc.) is to be aimed at target; (law) is to be enforced; (fire) is to be lighted; (job) is to be started; is to be hooked.
otutall a kirel el motaut; otaut a llechul a rael, otutii a ngau, llechul a rael a otutall; otutel.
ultautv.r.s.(spear, gun, etc.) aimed at target; (law) enforced; (fire) lighted; (job) started; hooked.
ultaut a mla motaut; uluchel, urreor a ultaut, ngau a ultaut.
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> Some of the wood has been burned up.
More Examples:
> We lit the fire.
> This enforcement of the stated curfew needs to enforced for the young generation to respect the laws.
> The discussion was still ongoing and he left.
telbiil, n.r.s.oath; promise; plan; decision.
telib a rruul; mla metib; llach a telib er a Olbiil Er a Kelulau; tibir a omenged, tuib a urreor, melib, tbil a urrereel a ungil el buai.
telbileln.poss.3stelbilel a telbiil er ngii.
oltaut er a telbilelexpr.keep one's promise.
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