olterau, v.t.sell; sell (oneself) as prostitute; give away; betray.
olterau a omsaso; oterau a ngikel, oterul a mariuana a melechet a chimal; oterau a diokang.
oterurv.pf.3soterur a olterau er ngii.
ulterurv.pf.3s.pastulterul a ulelterau er ngii; ngii a ulterur.
oterauv.pf.3p.inan.oterau a olterau, mla oterur a mlai, oterau a kall, ilumel, oterul.
bekoteterauv.s.redup.easy to sell.
bekoteterau a soal el olterau, bekoteterau a kall me a chemachel.
kaoterauv.recip.sell (things) to each other.
kaoterau a didu el olterau; kausaso, oterau a ngikel, oterur a beras; klaoterau, oterul.
moteterauv.erg.redup.easy to sell.
moteterau a beot e mereched el mochar; ngikel a moteterau; oterur; oterau, oterul.
olteterauv.t.redup.sell a little at a time.
olteterau a mekudem el olterau.
oteruulv.a.s.is to be sold or given away; for sale.
sekoterauv.s.prone to selling/giving away things.
sekoterau a bekoterau; mimokl el olterau; sekoterau a meduch er a usaso, oterur, oterau.; oterul.
ulterauv.r.s.sold; given away.
ulterau a mla moterau; mla mochar; mla oterau a chutem, oterur a mesei; oterul a klolekled e kid a chelbed.
ulteruulv.r.s. ulteruul a mla moterau; mla oterur a chutem; mla mo diak el chetemel.
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> When Judah saw her, he thought that she was a prostitute, because she had her face covered.
> I'm just selling vegetables a little at a time, and then I'll (be able to) buy my car.
> Some of our daughters have become sold.
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> We can sell the soda cans.

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