oltilech, v.t.put something on top of; be or fall on top of.
oltilech a locha er a bebul, otilech, otelechii a ochil, otelechel a ouach.
otelechiiv.pf.3sotelechii a oltilech er ngii.
otilechv.pf.3p.inan.otilech a oltilech; olsarech; ngalek a mla otilech a kall.
kaiuetilechv.recip.(many things) piled up one on top of the other.
kaiuetilech a d idu el oltilech; kachisois, meseked me a klalo a kaiuetilech, otelechel.
otelochelv.a.s.is to have something put on top of it.
otelochel a olsechall el beot el moltilech er ngii; eungel a berikd el lius a otelochel.
ultilechv.r.s.has had something put on top of it.
ultilech a ulsarech, mla motilech, ultilech er a mlai; mlai a ngar er a bebul; otelechii.
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> Like a pigeon-seeing the danger, yet it flies from cover
The pigeon sits quietly concealed until some threat appears, then it flies out, revealing itself. The idiom applies to a person who unnecessarily exposes himself to danger, leaves the house in the rain, or takes a boat out in a storm.

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