llach, n.law; commandment; advice; rule; instruction.
llach a kelulau; llach a tekoi el kldung el mengedmokl a blai me a beluu; llach a rruul el ultutelir a rechad, rechad a kirir el orrenges a llach; llechul a bekall me a omerael er a rael.
llechuln.poss.3sllechul a llach er ngii el beluu. llechul; llechul a ultil; ngar ngii a llechul a ochil a chad er a chelechol; omdid a ultil a ochil a uel er a chelechol.
chad er a llachexpr.lawyer.
melechang a llechul a rengulexpr.teach (someone) a lesson.
oleiit er a llachexpr.break or disobey law.
oltirakl er a llachexpr.follow, obey or uphold law.
omsa a llechul a rengulexpr.teach (someone) a lesson.
See also:
> The attorneys will attempt at a settlement to avoid trial.
> You will continue to observe the Law.
> He gets his law from the streets.
Rael has the general meaning "way," applicable both to method and to a street. The implication is that if a child will not learn from his parents, he will learn the hard way from experience. It may be used in the positive sense of someone who is quick to learn from experience.
More Examples:
> This enforcement of the stated curfew needs to enforced for the young generation to respect the laws.
oltirakl, v.t.follow (person, idea; advice; etc.); pursue; obey; listen to; acquiesce; go along with; catch up with; inherit title, etc. through (mother's side, etc.).
oltirakl a oltoir, okiuriul, otireklii a omerael, otirakl a telbiil, otireklel.
otirekliiv.pf.3sotireklii a oltirakl er ngii.
otiraklv.pf.3p.inan.otirakl a oltirakl; okiuellel el mong; otireklii, otireklel.
kautiraklv.recip.follow (each other's ideas; advice; etc.).
kautirakl a didu el oltirakl; meruul, otirakl a meldung; merael el okiuellel; otireklii el mong, kautirakl a chelebuul, otireklel.
oltetiraklv.t.redup.keep following.
oltetirakl a oltirakl.
v.a.s.is to be followed/pursued.
otireklall a otirall, oteill.
ultiraklv.r.s.followed; pursued.
ultirakl a mla motirakl; llach a ultirakl; llach a ulengesenges er a remekedngil a beluu; otireklel a llach.
See also:
> My mother and brothers are those who hear the word of God and obey it.
> You will continue to observe the Law.
> They left their father Zebedee in the boat with the hired servants and followed Jesus.

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