omachel, v.t.split (firewood); (boat) move up and down through (ocean).
omachel a melebtib; machel a idungel, mechelii a kerrekar, bechelel a idungel. a omachel; melebtib, machel a idungel, mechelii, bechelel a idungel.
bechallv.a.s.(firewood) is to be split.
v.r.s.(firewood) split.
blachel a blechall; telutiud el mekekeriei, mla obachel, mechelii, machel a idungel.
blechall a blachel.
obachelv.erg.obachel a metiud el klalo; mechelii a idungel; meliud er a idungel el oba otilech; idungel a mla obachel.
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