omadel, v.t.extract; pull or pluck out.
omadel a nguu er a ollomel; madel a diokang, medelii a dait, bedelel a diokang. a omadel er ngii; nguu er a ollomel; bedelel a dait. a omadel; melai, mla madel a diokang, dait, medelii, bedelel. to be extracted; is to be pulled/plucked out.
bedull a kirel el obadel; diokang a bedull. medelii, madel, omadel, bedelel.
v.r.s.extracted; pulled/plucked out.
bladel a mla obadel, beldull, medelii, omadel a dait, bedelel. blades blades a mla obades; beldukl, obechobech, mades, blades a klobak, bedesel.
bldull a bladel.
obadelv.erg.obadel a bedull; mengai er a chutem; medelii, madel a diokang; bedelel.
omdebadelv.t.redup.keep extracting.
omdebadel a omadel el oudersesei el melmors; omdebadel a diokang, medelii, bedelel.
omdedebadelv.t.redup.omdedebadel a omdebadel.
More Examples:
> The dentist pulled my tooth so now I am drooling a lot.
> I'm going to harvest some tapioca and dig up some sweet potato.

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