omedechakl, v.t.throw down (in fighting, etc.); let (something) drop; drop (oneself) to floor, etc.
omedechakl a omitelek, mitekelengii, medecheklii a sechelil, medechakl, bedecheklel. a omedechakl er ngii. a omedechakl; omides, chemoit, medechakl a kall e le ng kesib a rengul, medecheklii, bedecheklel a kall. to be thrown down (in fighting, etc.).
bedechekill a kirel el obedechakl, medecheklii a sechelil, medecheklii, klaibedechakl, bedecheklel.
bldechaklv.r.s.thrown down (in fighting, etc.); let to drop.
bldechakl a mla obedechakl; medecheklii, sechelid a beldechakl er a chutem.
kaibedechaklv.recip.throw each other down; wrestle.
kaibedechakl a ketilech; chad er a klaibedechakl a kaibedechakl; mesisiich a mla medecheklii a sechelil; bedecheklel.
obebedechaklv.erg.redup.obebedechakl a obebitelek; di beot el obedechakl; kedelebuu a obebedechakl er a omerael.
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