omekedong, up (on telephone); call out for; call by name.
omekedong a oleker; mekedong a sius; mekedongii a sechelil, okedongel.
/mekedongii a omekedong er ngii; oleker, okedongel. each other.
kaukedong a didu el omekedong; mekedongii er a blengur; oleker; klaiueker, dengerenger a mekedong a mekngit.
mokedongv.erg.mokedong a ulekedong; mekedongii a sechelil; oleker; omekedong er a Rengebard; okedongel.
/okedongall to be called.
okodongall a kirel el mokedong; mekedongii, mekedong; oleker
okedongall a kirel el mokedong; beluu a okedongall er a cheldecheduch; olekera rechad el mei.
ulekedong a mla mokedong; mla oleker er ngii; beluu a ulekedong er a cheldecheduch.
See also:
> I will call those people's cats.
> I will call that person's cats.
> I called Toki on the phone.
> Are you going to call anyone's cats?
More Examples:
> My friend is called “Corndog.”
> When you want to come to my house, call first.

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