omekiai, v.caus.stop or restrain (oneself) from doing something; avoid; abstain from; keep (feet, clothes, etc.) from getting dirty.
omekiai a oudelasech; mekiai a mariuana, mekiir a delsechel, ukiil a ice.
mukiaiv.erg.mukiai a omekiai; oudelasech, mo cheroid er ngii; mukiai er a omenga el babii; mukiai er a usbechel a mekngit el kar, ukiil, ukil a delasech.
omekikiaiv.caus.redup.omekikiai a telkib el omekiai. to be stopped or restrained.
ulekiaiv.r.s.stopped; restrained.
ulekiai a oudelasech; mla mukiai; cheroid er ngii, omekiai a babii; mekiai a ice ; ulekiai er a rrom; ukiil a dekool.
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