omekmad, back (debt) to; return (favor - help, food, etc.).
omekmad a mekmad; locha medal; locha oltechil, mekmedar a udoud, ukmedal.
/mekmedar a omekmad er ngii; mtechir. a locha umad er a blai.
kaukmadv.recip.return each other's favors.
kaukmad a didu el omekmad; omtechei a saul, mekmedir a beldoel el udoud; mekmad, klaukmad; ukmedal.
mukmadv.erg.mukmad a kirel el melecha medal; locha techil; locha medal a beldoel; mekmad a udoud er a bank, ukmedal.
omekikmadv.caus.redup.omekikmad a mekekokil el omekmad.
v.a.s.(debt) is to be repaid; (favor) is to be returned.
ukmedall a medal a bled el udoud me a lechub e ng klalo; techill a bled.
ukmedaol a kirel el melecha techil; kirel el mukmad; omekmad a bled el udoud; ukmedal.
ulekmadv.r.s.(debt) repaid; (favor) returned.
ulekmad a mla mukmad; mla mekmad a bled el udoud; ukmedal.
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> Did you pay back your debt to your father, the money you borrowed last month?

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