omeklatk, v.caus.remind (someone) to do something.
omeklatk a meklatk; mekltkii er a urreor, omeklatk er ngii er a klumech. a omeklatk er ngii; rullii el lmatk a Lekoi; lak lobes a klumech, ukltkel a klumech.
kauklatkv.recip.remind each other to do something.
kauklatk a didu el omeklatk; mekltkii er a taem, omeklatk me lak obes er a urreor; ukeltkel.
omekiklatkv.caus.redup.omekiklatk a mekudem el omeklatk. to be reminded.
ukltkall a kirel el muklatk; omeklatk me lak lobes a klumech; mekltkii me lolim a kar, ukltkel.
uleklatk a omeklatk; lmuut el mesubed; mla muklatk a beluu; mekltkii er a miting, uleklatk er a urreor a mo er a beluu; ukltkel.
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> When the purple swamp hen appears, it brings remembrance
There is a song (Oumachas) from which this saying derives: Once there was a young couple who made love in a secluded spot in the taro garden. While they were lying together a purple swamp hen darted out of the brush startling the couple. Eventually love cooled, but thereafter whenever the girl saw a purple swamp hen while she worked in the gardens, she recalled her lover. Hence any occurrence that brings back fond memories.

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