omeklemalt, v.caus.make straight; make (child; etc.) walk straight; make (something) stand upright; make (boat; etc.) go straight; lead (someone) to good deeds.
omeklemalt a melamet; meruul el diak el chebirukel; meklemalt a ungamk, tometii a omerolel, tuamet a omerellel, temetel. a tometii; omeklemalt er ngii. a omeklemalt; tuamet, meklemalt a cheldecheduch; remuul el mo melemalt; meklemeltii, llemeltel.
muklemaltv.erg.muklemalt a uleklemalt; rruul el melemalt; diak el chebirukel; omeklemalt, meklemeltii a rael; meklemalt a tekoi; uklemeltel.
/uklemeltall to be made straight.
uklemeltall a kirel el muklemalt; remuul el mo melemalt, tometii a uldesuel; tuamet a cheldecheduch el mo er a llemeltel, uklemeltel.
uleklemaltv.r.s.made straight.
uleklemalt a telamet; mla muklemalt; rruul el melemalt; chetil a uleklemalt el tekoi e soal a chebirukel; tometii a rengul, tuamet; llemeltel.
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