omelebel, v.t.wind rope; cord; tape; etc. around.
omelebel a mesaur; melechet el meleliuekl, omelebel a ngikel, melebel a billum, melebelii a chebis, belebelel. a omelebel er ngii. a omelebel; melebel a bambuu er a mamed; melechet el meliuekl; melebelii, belebelel. to be wound around with rope, cord, tape, etc..
beleball a kirel el obelebel; omelebel er ngii, melebelii a mesil, belebelel.
v.r.s.wound around with rope, cord, tape, etc.
bellebel a saur el meliuekl; billum a mla obelebel er a besebes; ngar er ngii a belebelel.
kebelebelv.recip.(animals) get tethers tangled; (people) get limbs tangled (while wrestling).
kebelebel a didu el omelebel; chachesengsang, melebelii er a cheldecheduch me ng duob er a skoki. kebelebel a kesaur; didu el mesaur a billum; souri, smaur, melebelii melebel a ochil er a lechet.
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