omelekl, v.t.repeat; revive; bring up (matter; etc.).
omelekl a omilt a osisiu el tekoi, meleklii a cheldechedechal, blelekl, melekoi a mla medung a omelekl. a omelekl er ngii; blelekl el cheldecheduch; beleklel. a omelekl; dmung e lmuut el dmung; lmuut el melekoi; meleklii; blelekl.
bleleklv.r.s.repeated; revived.
blelekl a mla obelekl; meleklii, dulii e lmuut e lmuut; blelekl a cheldechedechal.
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> It's like eating reboiled (starchy) food.
Cooked taro will spoil in time, unless it is reboiled (blelekl). Among other applications the saying may pertain to a man who marries, separates, then returns to the same woman; also a man who returns to a former job.

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