omelekoi, n.act.(way of) speaking; accent; dialect; utterance; what is expressed by (someone's) action of speaking.
omelekoi a teletelel a cheldecheduch; ungil el omelekoi a mak a ungil el klauchad me a klausechelei.
omelekingeln.poss.3somelekingel a ngerel; omelekoi er ngii, ungil a delecherul a ngerel.
See also:
> The best of words can be destructive (lit., Good words can have a bitter taste).
> Easier said than done.
> This is the dialect from Ngerard.
> Droteo spoke as if he wants to go to the party.
> I've done as much talking to them as I can (with no results)./I've had it with talking to them.
More Examples:
> The Palauan language has its own grammar and pronounciation.

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