omengur, v.i.dine; have a meal.
omengur a mengang, blengur er a tutau, blengrul.
ombebengurv.i.redup.ombebengur a mekudem el omengur. starting to eat.
omengrong a mocha omengur; mengelang.
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> I'll eat later (i.e. after doing some other things).
> Come on in for a bit and eat.
> You go ahead and eat first.
> I'm eatin a piece of fish.
> Try to eat more!
More Examples:
> Lady at work is retiring. We are taking her out for lunch.
> When Lukes went, they had already started eating so she pouted and went home.
> At 7:30 a.m. I eat breakfast.
> I'm eating.
> I don't want to go listen to the politicians speak because they're so boring and talk forever but I wouldn't mind just going to eat the food.

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