omult, v.t.turn over or inside out; turn (oneself) around; translate; interprete.
omult a mult a chebecheb a mo dengarech; mult a chutem, meltii a smecher, beltel a reng. a omult er ngii; omechero er ngii; meltii a ngikel; mult, beltel. a omult; nguu bab el mei er eou; meltii, mult a ngikel, beltel.
bellutelv.r.s.(clothes) turned inside out.
bellutel a ulechero; blult, meltii, mult, bellutel a bilel, beltel.
blultv.r.s.turned over/inside out; translated.
blult a ulechero, mla obult, bellutel a bilel; mult, meltii a babier, beltel a bail.
obebelbultv.erg.redup.obebelbult a mekudem el obult.
obelbultv.erg.redup.obelbult a mochecherechero; mekudem el obult, obelbult a chural; omult er ngii; meltii, mult, beltel.
obultv.erg.obult a ulechero; blult; meltii; mult a ngikel; mechero; beltel a ngikel.
omult er a rengulexpr.convince; persuade.
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> From the taro shoots at Ititong a new garden was planted
Applied generally to the benefit of cooperative endeavor: small favors multiply, great results may have small beginnings.

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