olengill, v.caus.knock down or off (with stone etc.).
olengill a orrebet; meliualech; ongill a iedel, ongellii a meradel, ongellel.
ongelliiv.pf.3songellii a olengill er ngii; orebetii a iedel; ongellel.
ongillv.pf.3p.inan.ongill a orrebet; olengill a meradel; ongill a iedel.
kaiuengillv.recip.compete with each other.
kaiuengill a didu el olengill; kakerous el orrebet; olengill a iedel, ongellii a meradel, ongellel a rodech.
mongillv.erg.mongill a ulengill; mla morebet; iedel a mla mongill; ongellii, ongill a rodech, ongellel a iedel.
olengillv.i.(tree) shed leaves.
olengill a orrebet; meliualech; ongill a iedel, ongellii a meradel, ongellel.
ulengillv.r.s.knocked down or off.
ulengill a mla mongill; ulengill el orebet; olengill, ongill a iedel.
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olengull, v.t.rest (oneself).
ongullv.pf.3p.inan.ongull a olengull; mo cheroid er a urreor, telkib el ongull a bedengir, ongellii a bdelul; ongellel.
olengelengullv.t.redup.olengelengull a mekudem el olengull.
olengellangv.i.inch.is beginning to relax.
olengellang a mocha olengull.
olengellungv.i.pred.olengellung a mochu olengull.
olengullv.i.take things easy; do things leisurely; rest; relax.
olengull a torebengii a urreor; ongellii, ongull a bedengel; ulengellel er a skuul.
ulngullv.r.s.having rested or relaxed oneself.
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> I'll just rest here for a while and then go.
> I'm going to take it easy when I'm an old woman.
> I would fly away and find rest.

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