chull, n.rain; rainy season.
chull a ralm el ngar er a eanged e ruebet; chellel.
chellirn.poss.3p getting rainy.
chellang a mocha chull, robeta chull; merema chull.
chellel a measexpr.rain which attracts large school of rabbit fish.
chellel a ngebardexpr.rain coming on west wind.
chellel a ongosexpr.rain coming on east wind.
chellel a orakiruuexpr.rain at time of full moon.
menga er a chullexpr.get caught or drenched in the rain.
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> It has started to rain/be rainy.
> It's about to rain.
> The rainy season has ended.
> It looks as if it's going to rain.
> It tends to rain/be rainy in August.
> Like the uul [Cettria cantans?] with its house open, calling for rain.
The uul may be heard to call out usually just before it rains; some say that it is calling for rain. This seems foolish, since the bird constructs its house with an opening at the top that will let rain in. A person who makes a decision or starts some action without adequate preparation is likened to the uul.
> Like eastern showers from white clouds, still the raincoat is ripped
During the months of the east wind, During the months of the east wind, roughly January through June, rain often comes from innocent-looking white cloud and is accompanied by brief gusts of wind strong enough to tear the traditional betel-nut-spathe raincoat; hence, an opponent whose strength is greater than anticipated.
> A good leader, like rain, stills the ocean.
Rain falling during an ocean squall often seems to wipe away the winds and still the ocean. A good leader should be able to dispel the problems facing his people. He can calm down disputes and settle problems easily.
More Examples:
> It's raining.
> Has it been raining long?
> It's raining heavily and continuously.
> It's raining heavily and continuously.
> Is it raining hard over there?
orakiruu, n.full moon.
orakiruu a kllou el buil; delechel a orakiruu; kot el mellomes el buil. before the full moon.
Oidudul; sei el klebesei e ruchei era Orakiruu.
chedil a orakiruuexpr.apogee tide at full moon.
delechel a orakiruuexpr.perigee tide at full moon.
orakiruu a medalexpr.have big; round eyes.
More Examples:
> The full moon is so beautiful.

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