oreall, n.horizontal pole at sides of canoe or raft used to assist in footing or in beaching of canoe.
oreall a klekedall er a mlai er a daob.
orealln.r.s. highest part of reef which can be walked on at low tide.
oreall a chelmoll el emel er a omedeklel a daob; oreall a mo meched er a chedlechei. A oreall se el bo el meched a chei e se el kot el mo meched er a chelmoll el ngar er ngii aike el meklou el bad el me chuob seikid a oreall. w CHILOIL. A chiloil aike el meklou el bad el ngar er a oreall.
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orrael, v.caus.lead (animal etc.); drive (boat, car etc.); start (engine).
orrael a orael; ochotii a rael; bulis a orrael a mlai er a metang a rael.
oroliiv.pf.3sorolii a orrael er ngii.
oraelv.pf.3p.inan.orael a orrael; mengedereder; orrurt, olecholt, bulis a orael a mlai, orolii, orolel.
kaiueraelv.recip.start engines together.
kaiuerael a didu el orrael; tmuchel mong me a techelel a kall el mei; orolii a bilas, orael a mlai, orolel.
v.a.s.(animal) is to be led; (boat, car etc.) is to be driven.
orolall a oreall, orolel.
oreall a kirel morael; kall a oreall el mo er a mengelel.
urraelv.r.s.(animal) led; (boat, car etc.) driven.
urrael a mla morael; mla orolii a mesil, mla orael a kerbou; orolel.
> Why are you always leaving your children behind when you go out?
> Her lust led her to defile herself.
More Examples:
> Go shower or go take a bath.
> John, go swim, and while you're there, bail the boat.
> Don't go.
> I am saying to go but she doesn't want to.
> Be careful when walking on the streets.

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