orriid, v.t.lose; wait for (someone) to leave.
orriid a oriid; mo dibus er ngii; mo daik a lolab; oridii a chad, orriid a udoud; oridel.
oridiiv.pf.3soridii a orriid er ngii, oridel.
oridallv.a.s.(someone's) departure is to be awaited.
oridall a kirel el moriid; mo dibus; olterau a ice a oridall er a beluu; odkikall.
urriid a mla remiid; dibus; mla oridii a klok, oriid a udoud, oridel. urriid a diak a ngera el lodengei; diak el ngai a tekoi; diak lomtab a tekoi; metitur a urriid.
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> She was very lost and didn't know what to do.

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