rames, n.(long, high-piched) fart; gap or separation.
rames a ngmoech el chold; diak el lolechesuar e ng tuobed; mla ruames, remesel; rames a delongelel; rames er a dellomel el dait; merames a delemel el dait; ungil a remesel.
remeseln.poss.3sremesel a rames er ngii, ruames.
meremeramesv.i.redup.fart continually.
meremerames a mekudem el ruames; mechelechold; rames; remesel.
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> Like an old woman who is cautious about coughing and breaking wind.
Among elderly women, it seems, coughing sometimes produces the unwanted effect of breaking wind. The idiom may be applied to any action that might produce an undesirable side effect, such as a hasty decision at a political meeting. As a caution, it suggests the need for leaders to consider all the consequences.

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