rdechel, n.poss.3srdechel a omerodech er ngii; rodechii er a usbechel a mekngit el kar e ng kongei.
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rodech, n.fruit; seed pod.
n.poss.3srdechel a rodech er ngii el iedel.
redechel a charexpr.very small sea cucumber.
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> No good tree bears bad fruit, nor does a bad tree bear good fruit.
> They tend to eat fruits and raw food.
> Those of high family are like the seed pod of the bngaol tree, which falls with its leafy cap upright.
The bngaol, a mangrove tree, bears a long pod which is sharply pointed on one end and has a leafy "cap" on the other. When it falls from the tree it generally lands standing in the mud with "cap" end up. Hence, the quality of being socially elite (meteet) is gained naturally at birth. One is born in good standing with a cap or insignia of high rank. It follows, then, that the elite need not display their high standing, everyone knows they are elite when they are born (and there is no other way to become elite). Going a step further, the elite may display proper humility and refer to a group including themselves as kid a remechebuul (we commoners).
More Examples:
> I really really want those mangos.
> I would like fruits for desserts.
> Which fruit do you like?
> This person is harvesting fruits.

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