bambuu, n., [From English] bamboo.
bambuu a chesel; bambuu er a ked, cheselked, bambungel. A bambuu a dellomel; ng mo metongakl el dellomel; ng diak el meklou a rechelel. A bambuu a sebechel el mo ulaol me a lechub e ng reakl me a lak e ng brer. Ng kall aike e dirk mekekerei el desebel.
chebecheb, v.s.lying face down; placed upside down; bent over.
chebecheb a terrob; diak el dengarech, chemau eou, mechebechebii, mechebecheb, ochebechebel
cheberdil, n.poss.3sfavorite thing, person, child, etc.
cheberdil a keseuaol, mekreos; cheberdil a kall ma klalo; klungiolel; mekreos er a reng el ngalek.
cheberdil a redilexpr.beautiful or appealing girl.
cheberdil a rengulexpr.object of one's feelings/affections.
, n.
large sea or mangrove crab; Samoan crab.
chemang a meklou el charm el odoim el ua teletelel a rekung.
daob, n.sea; ocean; salt water.
daob a ralm er a chei; beluu er a Belau a iliuekl er a daob, debel.
kerrikr, n.joint of sail protruding from chalech.
kerrikr a klekedall er a mlai er a daob; redil kerrikr me a sechal kerrikr.
redil el kerrikrexpr.concave joint of sail into which hooked joint fits.
sechal el kerrikrexpr.hooked joint of sail which fits into concave joints.
mengubs, v.t.steal ongraol from garden, etc.
mengubs a merechorech a sers me a mesei; chubsii a sers; chuubs a kukau; chebsel a mesei.
, n.child; baby; anyone younger than speaker; sweetheart; fiance(e); pinkie; small finger.
ngalek a ngelekel a sechal er a delengchokl; ulechell a ngalek er a delengchokl el ngii a ulechell er ngii; mla mo chuodel e ng di ngalek er isei el delengchokl; ngar ngii a ngelsonges er a klisichel el ng ngalek. ngalek a kekerei el chad; ngelekel a demal, ngalektang, ngalekukeruu; ngalek er a skuul.
omuked, v.t.catch (fish) by casting net; (antenna, etc.) receive (broadcast, etc.).
omuked a omdechem; melai el ousbech a uked, muked a ngikel, omuked a rekas, mkedii a ngalek, ukedel.
, n.sickness; disease.
rakd a secher, kemkom a kdekudel el rakd; ourakd er a ngul, rekdel.
, n.poss.3sthe action of picking or gathering things such as leaves or sticks.
rdil a omerad er ngii; merad a kar; rodir a bung; rdil a kebui.
redil a merad er ngii, redil a kebui.
redil, n.woman; women; queen (in cards).
redil a chad el diak el sechal; redil er a Belau a meduch el mengitakl e meloik
seinendang, n., [From Japanese] youth group (sexually segregated); young people's club or society.
seinendang el redilexpr.girls' club.
seinendang el sechalexpr.boys' club.
torech er a redil, expr.Ngengeterir a redil er a ilteet a bo el bechiil er a olebetingel el beluu.
,; job; task.
urreor a ngar ngii a klalo el ruoll; urreor el meruul er a rael; urreor a olel a udoud; meses er a urreor a ungil besul; urrereel.

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