, prefixused to indicate a plurality of people.
n.pluralthose people going (somewhere).
rebetok el chadexpr.many people.
See also:
> His family and the villagers were quite surprised at the boy's sudden good health and quick recovery.
> The people called the priests and the magicians.
> There are eight people in my family.
> The attorneys will attempt at a settlement to avoid trial.
> I will make the towns of Judah like a desert where no one lives.
> The mountains of Koror are people.
Several interpretations are given for this idiom: (i) Koror doesn't have mountains as high as other districts to the north, but the people are as high (elite) as mountains. (2) Others lay claim to the height of the mountains near their village, in Koror the people make the villages great. (3) A group of warriors from a northern village set out to raid Koror, but, as they approached the islands on which the hamlets of Koror are situated, they saw mountain after mountain fading away into the distance; dispairing any success against such a great nation, the raiders turned home. Actually, the mountains that they saw rugged, raised limestone islands-are nearly uninhabited, with Koror's population concentrated on islands of clay and volcanic origin along the northern fringe of the group.
> Narrow was our birth as humans.
The saying defines life as a confined, perilous journey, symbolized by the painful narrowness of the birth canal. Generally applied to the trials of life, or sometimes by a parent to a child that does not want to do his chores.
More Examples:
> Mormons ride bicycles.
> People from Emmaus attend church on Sunday.
> Number of cooks at this school
> We went to the rock island with my wife's family.
> Government has many redudant job titles with likely the same job duties.

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