meriik, v.t.sweep; look around for (someone).
meriik a mengiut; remiik a besbas el oba oriik; remiik a mekesokes.
/riekii a meriik er ngii el mekesokes. a meriik; remiik a besbas.
meriikv.erg. to be swept.
riokel a kirel el meriik; besbas a riokel; riekii a blai; remiik a besbas; rikel a rael.
rriik a kliut; mla meriik; mekesokes a rriik, riekii, remiik.
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> I am sweeping the yard and Kora is mopping the floor.
More Examples:
> I sweep and mop and make food and clean the house.
> You have to rake the yard in the afternoon.

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