meram, v.t.mix (fluids, ingredients, etc.).
meram a oldak a kakerous e ruam; meram a beras er a sos me a cheluch; remul a kall. a meram er ngii. a meram; omrachem a kakerous; ruam a beras er a odoim; romur; remul a kall.
meremramv.t.redup.keep mixing.
meremram a odekdak a betok el kakerous; meremram a kall er a chimo el blatong; ruam a odoim er a ongraol me a kliou.
meremramv.erg.redup. easy to mix.
meremram a odekdak a betok el kakerous; meremram a kall er a chimo el blatong; ruam a odoim er a ongraol me a kliou. to be mixed.
remuul a kirel meram; kirel el modak, romur, ruam, kall a remuul er a sukal, remul a kall.
rram a urrachem; mla meram; rram a uldekdak; rram a beras er a odoim, romur, ruam, remul.
See also:
> I will make the towns of Judah like a desert where no one lives.
> Like the ilaot [coconut juice] of Ngetkib, mixing itself.
Probably of folk-tale derivation, the idiom may be applied to a man who has married too close to his own clan, thus not gaining the assistance of the wife's clan in food and services, since this would amount to the clan giving to itself. Also applied to a situation where a person expects to have some service performed for him but ends up doing it himself.
More Examples:
> I'm so happy I finished my work.
meruul, v.t.make; do; prepare; produce; repair; make or cause (someone) to do something; make/cause (someone, to do something).
meruul a mengedmokl; rullii a odoim; remuul a ungil el urreor; rellel. a meruul er ngii. a meruul; mla remuul a kall, rullii, siungii a kall; rellel.
v.recip.redup.protect each other; do things with each other in mind; be considerate of each other; make something for each other.
karuruul a didu el keruul; kasebechakl, kaingeseu, kaosechesech, ketkakl el meruul el mo e mei.
keruul a didu el meruul; karuruul.
rruulv.r.s.made; done; prepared; (person) born to or made for; (person) trained or conditioned (to do something); (person) born to or made for; (person) trained or conditioned (to do something). to be made/done/prepared/repaired.
ruoll a kedmekill; kirel el meruul; kles a ruoll, rullii, remuul.
meruul a tekoiexpr.speak or behave as if nothing is wrong.
See also: , , , ,
> These are the people who cause divisions, who are controlled by their natural desires.
> Anyone at all could do this work.
> The Lord made the king stubborn.
> This house is made so as to provide us with shelter during a typhoon.
> The beast told them to build an image in honor of the beast that had been wounded by the sword and yet lived.
> I build it and you destroy it?
May be applied to a person who feels his aims or projects are being destroyed by the actions of another.
More Examples:
> I think there should be a curfew on land and have flights only come in during the day like before.
> He's very resourceful and made his wife a kitchen.
> We use kerosene stove to cook food.
> I sweep and mop and make food and clean the house.
> I think people in Airai should make toll booths at the airport and collect fees.

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