meriim, v.t.collect or gather and transport.
meriim a melukl; tuobed ngii me a kloleklel; riemii a blai; ruiim a klalo; riemel a kloleklel.
/riemii a meriim er ngii; ngmai a klalo el mo diak; riemii a blai, ruiim. a ngmai a klalo el rokui; meriim a klalo; riemii a blai, rrimelel.
meriimv.i. move one's residence.
/rimall to be collected or gathered and transported.
riomel a kirel el meriim; kloleklel a riomel, riemii, reuiim; ngmai el rokui el otobed; riemel.
v.r.s.collected or gathered and transported.
rriim a nglai; mla meriim; riemii a blai me ng diak a klalo; ruim a kall.
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> Child of the woods. Child of the bush.
A child born out of wedlock.

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