merutech, v.t.touch; try out.
merutech a mo bereked a chimal; rutechii, toktang a merutech a bedengel a smecher; rtechel. a merutech er ngii. a merutech; mereked a chim; toktang a mla remutech a bedengel a smecher; rtechel.
kerutechv.recip.touch each other.
kerutech a di du el merutech; rutechii, rengalek a kaiuetoir el kerutech, remutech, rtechel.
kerutechv.recip.have sexual intercourse.
rrutech a mla merutech; loia chimal er ngii; rutechii, remutech.
/rtochel to be touched.
rtachel a mo rutechii; kirel el merutech; delenguchel a rtachel er a rurt; rutechii; rtechel.
rtuchel a rtachel.
rutertechiiv.s.redup.slow in accomplishing task; inefficient.
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> There were some people who were ritually unclean because they had touched a corpse.

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