, v.t.hear; listen to; obey.
orrenges a remenges; orrenges e dirrek el meruul.
orenges a orrenges; remenges a lengelel a charm er a oreomel, rongeseii, rengesel.
rongesiiv.pf.3srongesii a orrenges er ngii.
remengesv.pf.3p.inan.remenges a orrenges; oderengesel a tekoi; remenges a derremkel a mlai; remenges e mo medengei.
kaiuerengesv.recip.hear each other.
kaiuerenges a didu el orrenges; kaiuedanges, kadengmes, orengesel.
kerengesv.recip.listen to or take advice from each other.
kerenges a kaiuerenges; didu el orrenges; kaiuedanges; kakull e kelatk
morengesv.erg.morenges a urrenges; mla rongesii, mla morenges a ungil el chais; orengesel.
orengesallv.a.s.is to be heard or listened to.
orengesall a kirel el morenges a tekingel; merreder a beluu a orengesall; remenges a llach, el. orengesel a llach.
rongesangv.inch.begin or get to hear.
rongesang a kekedel e ak mocha medengei; rongesii, remenges.
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> Droteo is a cooperative or agreeable person.
> Thank you very much for your attention.
> I like to listen to Japanese music.
> My mother and brothers are those who hear the word of God and obey it.
> These people have already heard that you, Lord, are with us.
More Examples:
> I don't want to go listen to the politicians speak because they're so boring and talk forever but I wouldn't mind just going to eat the food.

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