meruul, v.t.make; do; prepare; produce; repair; make or cause (someone) to do something; make/cause (someone, to do something).
meruul a mengedmokl; rullii a odoim; remuul a ungil el urreor; rellel. a meruul er ngii. a meruul; mla remuul a kall, rullii, siungii a kall; rellel.
v.recip.redup.protect each other; do things with each other in mind; be considerate of each other; make something for each other.
karuruul a didu el keruul; kasebechakl, kaingeseu, kaosechesech, ketkakl el meruul el mo e mei.
keruul a didu el meruul; karuruul.
rruulv.r.s.made; done; prepared; (person) born to or made for; (person) trained or conditioned (to do something); (person) born to or made for; (person) trained or conditioned (to do something). to be made/done/prepared/repaired.
ruoll a kedmekill; kirel el meruul; kles a ruoll, rullii, remuul.
meruul a tekoiexpr.speak or behave as if nothing is wrong.
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> Droteo always makes things well.
> But the Most High God does not live in houses built by human hands.
> Anyone at all could do this work.
> I'm at the beginning stage of learning how to make story boards.
> I will make the towns of Judah like a desert where no one lives.
> I build it and you destroy it?
May be applied to a person who feels his aims or projects are being destroyed by the actions of another.
More Examples:
> We use pots to cook food in.
> I think there should be a curfew on land and have flights only come in during the day like before.
> I think I will put together a bamboo raft this weekend.
> I'm so happy I finished my work.
> We use kerosene stove to cook food.
rruul, n.something made/done; way of making things.
rruul a kldmokl; mla meruul; rrekui, blai a rruul, rullii, remuul.
rrelleln.poss.3srrellel a ngii a rirellii; riruul, ungil a rrellel el chad.
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> Her child is trained not to interrupt people.
> What's your house made out of?
> But the Most High God does not live in houses built by human hands.
> Human beings are made or born to be hungry.
> Droteo always makes things well.

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