sechelei, n.friend; companion; boyfriend; girlfriend; lover; term of address from a woman to a group of people.
sechelei a soal a klausechelei; secheleingalek; sechelei a okedong er a klausechelei, e sechelei, sechelil.
secheliln.poss.3ssechelil a sechelei er ngii.
bekesecheleiv.s.friendly; having many friends.
bekesechelei a betok a resechelil; beruadel el chad a bekesechelei.
sechelei el ngalekexpr.oldster who likes to play with/talk to children.
> Toki's telling us some story about Droteo being her boyfriend.
> It's my brother who has hit my friend.
> The mouse saw his friend's injured face.
> My friend's deepest feelings came out clearly.
> Your friend speaks with a forked tongue.
More Examples:
> My friend's friend got hit by a car. She is so lucky she didn't die.
> My American friend is learning Palauan.
> My friend is called “Corndog.”
> My friend and his family are going on a trip.
> Sit next (or near) to your friend.

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