meleches, v.t.(bird, chicken) peck at.
meleches a telkib el melechosech; a malk a mla smeches a diokang, sichesii; sechesel. a meleches er ngii. a meleches; mesab; malk a meleches a kelel.
kesechesv.recip.(chickens) peck at each other.
keseches a kesechosech; didu el meleches; melechosech, malk a keseches a kelel; sichesii, smeches. to be pecked at.
selechesv.r.s.pecked at.
seleches a kerriu; kliok; bobai a seleches er a kiuid, sichesii; smeches.
meleches a longangexpr.pick at one's food when eating; eat like a bird.
meluches, v.t.prop open; open (umbrella).
meluches a omok er a baiong, tengto; mekedecherur e suchesii; smuches; sechesel. a meluches er a ears, baieong. a meluches; te mla smuches a baeong; sechesel.
mesuchesv.erg. to be propped open.
sechesall a kirel el mesuches; suchesii, meluches, baiong a sechesall; smuches.
v.r.s.propped open.
seluches a mla mesuches; suchesii a baeong; smuches, sechesel a baeong.
klechukl a mla mesuches; tengto a seluches, dechor, suchesii, smuches a baiong; sechesel.
See also:
> The letter has been written.
> What's keeping you from falling asleep?
> The picture is being drawn sloppily.
> The teacher is writing the letter.
More Examples:
> I can write in Palauan.
> Malsol is really getting good at writing Belauan.

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