mesaod, v.t.separate; explain; solve.
mesaod a imakl el mo kakerous; bebil er sei me a bebil er tiang, sodel. a mesaod er ngii; smodii a uchul a omerolel; omeketakl er ngii. a mesaod; omeketakl; mengedereder, smaod a urreor; sodel
kesaodv.recip.separate from/divorce each other; move apart from each other.
kesaod a kebii; kacheroid; chacheroid; te mlo kesaod, ng diak el dak el kiei.
v.r.s.separated; explained.
klouadel a deledaes; mla mesaod; selaod; cheldereder me ng medengei; smodii, smaod a tekoi, bleketakl a sodel.
mesosaodv.t.redup.try to explain.
selaodv.r.s.separated; explained.
selaod a lloched; mla mesaod; diak el uldak; chebechiil a selaod; rengalek me te selaod, smodii, sodel.
/sodall to be separated or explained.
soadel a kirel el mesaod; kirel el obeketakl; soadel a chutem el kmo ng mor; meldung el tekoi a soadel
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> He held discussions in the synagogue, trying to convince both Jews and Greeks.
> No one can explain by himself or herself a prophecy in the Scriptures.
> They both don't know anything and yet they're trying to explain.
> This is to be discussed only by those whose concern it is.
More Examples:
> I don't want to go listen to the politicians speak because they're so boring and talk forever but I wouldn't mind just going to eat the food.
> Argh, You keep talking about what has already been resolved!
> There are people who just know how to talk and thats about it.
> My ears are ringing. Someone is talking about me.
> These old man's kids will be talked about at the conference next month.

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