melengoes, v.t.cook/boil (odoim or rice) in water.
melengoes a meliokl; omodes, smongosii a beras, smongoes a odoim; songosel.
/smongosii a melengoes er ngii.
smongosii a melengoes er ngii.
/smongoes a omekmarek; melengoes; songoes a odoim; sengosel.
smongoes a melengoes; omekmarek, mla smongoes a odoim; smongosii a klengoes; sengosel.
klengoesv.r.s.(odoim or rice) cooked/boiled in water.
klengoes a ulekmark el odoim; mla mesengoes a klengoes, smongoes, melengoes, sengosel.
selengoesv.r.s.(odoim or rice) cooked/boiled in the water.
selengoes a marek; mla mesengoes; ngikel a klengoes, songosii; smongoes, sengosel a odoim.
v.a.s.(odoim or rice) is to be cooked or boiled in water.
sengeakl a kirel el mesengoes; odoim a sengeakl; smongosii, songoes, melengoes, sengosel.
sengosall a sengeakl.
songosall a ukmerekall; kirel el mesengoes; songosii a rrull; melengoes.
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> Easy stirring the soup so that we do not have to reheat it again.
> It's just a twig, but it brings to klengoes to a boil. - i.e., someone or something small can have a lot of value, power, effect, etc.
More Examples:
> We use pot holders for lifting hot pot and pans.
> Yikes, the cooked food in a pot smells rotten.
> Are those eggs uncooked or cooked?

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