mesongd, v.t.comb; break (chain, cord, etc.).
mesongd a songdii a bdelul; smongd a bderrir a rengalek. a mesongd er a bdelul; nguubet a cheiul. a mesongd; smongd a chiul; songdii, sengdel a chui; smongd a lmoched; dobedebes, kelebus a mla smongd a bombatel e chemiis; sengdel a lechet.
mesengsongdv.erg.redup.easy to comb.
mesengsongd a melengsongd; omngar a sengsongd; melai a mekekerei el rachel, sengsengdel. mesengsongd a mekekokil el mesongd er a bdelul.
mesengsongdv.t.redup. keep breaking.
selongdv.r.s.combed; (chain, cord, etc.) broken.
selongd a mla mesongd; songdii; smongd; bdelul a ungil el selongd, sengdel. to be combed; (chain, cord, etc.) is to broken.
sengdall a kirel el mesongd; songdii, smongd a bderrir; sengdel
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> I'm combing my hair with a comb.
> At 7:00 a.m. I dress and comb my hair.
More Examples:
> At 7:00 a.m. I dress and comb my hair.
> I'm combing my hair with a comb.
> I'm combing my hair.
selongd, n.r.s.selongd a kerrekar el nglai a rechelel.

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