omekseselkreng, v.s.(person) exasperating or tending to make others impatient.
omekseselkreng a olturekreng; melbeseaol a cheldechedechal a omekseselkreng; seselk a rengud el orrenges a omelebeseaol; checherd a rengud.
seselkeln.poss.3s.seselkel a checherdel a reng.
seselkv.s.bored; impatient.
seselk a checherd; seselk a rengul; smecher a checherd a rengul er a cherrodech; seselkel.
seselk a rengulv.s.bored; impatient.
seselkang a rengulv.s.inch.becoming bored or impatient.
More Examples:
> I don't want to go listen to the politicians speak because they're so boring and talk forever but I wouldn't mind just going to eat the food.

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